Das Boots!

Boots are very much quintessential footwear for the steampunk set. Some of the boots I'm going to share with you today are so amazing that you might never get around to looking at the rest of the outfit, should you encounter the wearers in-world, but that's the risk of having fab footgear. Let's start with some basic, well-crafted Victorian styles:

These are my personal favorite everyday go-to boots (that's go-to, not go-go, thank you very much). These are Bettie's Victorian Ankle Boot, priced at a very reasonable L$300. They include both a smaller and a larger size on the sculpted uppers and lowers, although only one base size. They work well with a variety of outfits and I have never caught them acting borky. Sadly, they only come in black.

Next, another good, solid pair of Victorian boots from Lassitude & Ennui. These were brought to my attention by Miss Hope Dreier, who contributed the picture. These are the Elizabeth boots. They come with both silver and gold grommet options, and the tied laces can be hid or shown as the owner chooses. They come in nine different colors (coal is shown here), for L$300 each, and a fat pack of all nine colors is available for L$1350, which is a pretty hefty discount.

Getting a bit more fanciful, we have the spiffy Ziggy heels designed by Miss Tesla Miles, and available at the Tesla Flagship Store. They come in seven different colors (I'm wearing "enlighten" here), and are L$399 which is an outstanding price considering the level of detail. My only complaint is that occasionally the foot shape seems a bit odd, depending on the position, but it's a minor one. I definitely have another color or two on my wishlist.

Next, we have the Punk Junk Funk boots from Le Petit Prince, modeled here by Anna Darwinian (please take a moment to check out her photos, they are amazing!). These are sort of a steampunk Swiss army boot, decked out with all sorts of useful bits and bobs, for a mere L$320. Miss Darwinian said that they were one of her first pieces of steampunk clothing. You'll find them in both black and brown.

Finally, a pair of boots so amazing that the only reason you'll ever notice the rest of the outfit is that the rest of the outfit promises to be just as incredible. These are a work in progress (!) by the wildly talented Mr. Nix Sands. Mr. Sands modeled his creation, the Rocket Dragoon Boots, for me on the top of Mt. Caledon. Here they are in action:
The detailing is just astonishing and these pictures don't do them justice. The boots feature animated gauges on the toes and spare fuel cells strapped to the legs. The rocket cones fold when the wearer is not in flight. When Mr. Sands walked to demonstrate the boots on the ground, they clanked and hissed. Each boot is comprised of two hundred and sixty-nine prims. The scripting is equally detailed; parts of the boots are visible or invisible as appropriate to their current state. They will eventually be offered for sale, rejoice! I can't begin to say enough good things about Mr. Sands' craftsmanship and attention to detail.

That's it for today. I'm sure there will be more boots to explore in the future, but what an introduction to the subject. My deep gratitude to Mr. Sands, Miss Darwinian, and Miss Dreier for their assistance and contribution, and my thanks to Miss Poppy and everyone on ISC who helped me figure out how to get SLURLS.

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