Hushed October Morning Mild

October Mornings are just about the best, I think. Crisp, but with the promise of warmth to come. A gentle warmth, not the searing heat of summer, not the changeable temper of spring. On October mornings, I love to sit on the porch, wrapped in a quilt, and drinking a cup of sweet, milky tea. And when the opportunity arises, I love to go for long rambling walks in the country, past golden fields or in woodlands flaming with bright colors.

Your humble blogger in the Wild Woods of Caledon Tanglewood

When walking amid the vivid colors of nature, I don't necessarily want to compete or clash, and so a simple, elegant walking suit becomes a good choice. Here I am in Ingenue's One Boy - Victorian Edition walking outfit. Betty Doyle designs her clothing with care and attention to detail. The shirt and skirt top come in different layer options for versatility, and there is a version of the shirt without the tie. The prim skirt has scripted and non-scripted versions for walking and sitting, as well as a resizer. It's also got a very nice bustle. At a very reasonable L$300, this is a wonderful outfit, and ideal for mixing with other pieces as well. Worn with my favorite Hatpins hat, the Lady Sarah.