RL Running Me Ragged

Your humble blogger's typist is currently in school, getting close (four classes after this term) to completing a degree in graphic design. She's been really super busy and needs her playtime badly, which is why the long delays between posts. This will change in a couple of weeks when the summer term ends. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see something of one of the pieces she's working on. Thanks for reading Cogs and Togs; we'll return you to our regular fashion programming soon!

Illustration for a Steampunk production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
created by Tehanu's typist


Showing a Little Ankle

The Victorian era was generally one of great repression. Beneath the veneer of gentility and breeding, however, there was quite a bit going on, and I'm not talking about just the lovely corsets. In many ways, Steampunk is about turning Victorian repression inside-out, quite literally sometimes with corsets as outerwear. I can't really comment about the other steam realms in SL, but in Caledon while we're not really repressed, we do tend towards gentle and courteous behavior in the Victorian tradition. And we need our outlets.

Your Humble Blogger at one of Caledon's favorite outlets,
the Blue Mermaid

Besides, every once in a while, you'll find an outfit so sexy and divine that you find it irresistible, even if you're not sure where you're going to wear it in our refined Victorian-esque culture. Here I am in one of my absolute favorite outfits for letting my hair down (figuratively) and yes, it does take a little courage to wear (literally).

All right, so I'm showing a lot of ankle..and leg...and....

This is the Rouge CanCan Girl ensemble from Reasonable Desires (boots are my favorite Bettie's). Priced at a very reasonable L$199, the outfit comes in nine different colors, and a fatpack with all nine is available for L$999 for the serious can can affecianado. It's a great outfit, especially for dancing, and I recommend it.

Dancing on the bar at The Blue Mermaid

So if you're wondering where you can wear such an outfit and not feel underdressed, wonder no more. One of the best parties in Caledon happens every Wednesday night at The Blue Mermaid, an outstanding dance club owned by the divine Miss Hypatia Callisto. Miss Callisto has created one of the warmest, most comfortable, most welcoming atmospheres going. The festivities get underway at 7:00pm. Miss Callisto attracts some really wonderful and talented DJs to her club as well, including her dear friend and trusted companion, Mr Icarus Ghost, and the sublime Magdalena Kamenev. Also, Miss Callisto provides some of the best dances available, and a wide selection thereof. All in all, it's an experience that shouldn't be missed.

The Blue Mermaid


The Two Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

According to poet Henry James, those words are "summer afternoon." Now as a clothes hound and an avid shopper, I'm tempted to say that the two loveliest words are actually "summer clothing." But when I walk along the pier at Caledon On Sea or watch the sun slide towards the western horizon, I know that Mr. James was right. The question then, of course, is what to wear?

At first, it was a little bit challenging to find appropriate summer Victorian clothing, looking for light colors, slightly more casual tailoring, 3/4 sleeves, and so on. Happily, though, I've been finding more and more options as the season ripens into full summer.

Your humble blogger in Naergilien Wunderlich's Blue Paper Taffeta Gown

Coming from a historical standpoint, Naergilien Wunderlich is one of the best costumers in SL. Many of her garments are based directly on existing period pieces. She creates such pieces starting from photos, using special techniques and software to create seamless, photorealistic textures. Wunderlich's Historical Garb has an incredible selection of gowns ranging from Elizabethan to Regency, with a couple of choice modern offererings as well.

This particular dress, the Paper Taffeta Gown is delightful for summer wear, with its shorter sleeves, pretty details and availability in a variety of soft colors. It's perfect for semi-formal events such as high tea, afternoon dances, a garden party, or perhaps just a walk with one's sweetheart. I especially like the detailing on the train, which has some nice swing when walking or dancing. It's priced at a very reasonable L$350.

Long train of the Blue Paper Taffeta Gown

Gentlemen, when the mercury starts sliding upwards, don't despair - there are options for you as well. Matelisse Criss offers a nicely tailored white linen suit at her store, Fashion and Style Through the Ages.

Roberto Viking in the Cream Linen Suit - 1912

The Cream Linen Suit - 1912 is available for L$400 and comes with everything needed, including hat, shoes and socks. Mr. Roberto Viking was kind enough to both bring this designer and suit to may attention, and to model the outfit as well, along with his little dragon, Canth.

Mr. Viking and Canth.

One can not help but admire the sartorial acumen of a man who accessorizes his outfits so perfectly, right down to the dragon. All today's pictures were taken at the pier in Caledon on Sea.