Day Dresses...Part One

It seems like there's no end to the number of amazing gowns in the Steamrealms. One can find the perfect outfit for any event, any ball or dance in varying degrees of formality. But what about simpler outings? Afternoon tea, a walk in the garden, a country picnic, a day by (or on) the sea...all of these beg for quieter, less complicated dresses. Apparently, these are not so easy to find.

This came to my attention to other day when someone kindly admired my charming but informal teagown, saying that she had a hard time tracking down dresses that weren't ballgowns. Myself, I like to save the grand gowns for the formal occasions. It helps them to stay special; putting one on signifies that it is an out-of-the-ordinary event. And so, I have more than a few day dresses in my wardrobe. I'd like to share them with you.

From Wunderlich's Historical Garb:

Wunderlich's is one of my perpetual favorites on the grid. Her outfits tend to be low-ARC, with many of them being system clothing only, or just a few additional prims. Miss Wunderlich is a RL costume scholar, with high standards for research and historical accuracy. The photorealistic textures of her outfits are gorgeous, the color selections are outstanding, and her prices are extremely reasonable.

Here I am in Wunderlich's Bustle Mourning Dress in Turquoise. Found in the late Victorian section of her store, it dates to c. 1876. Coming in at just L$250, the outfit comes with day and evening bodice options, although I feel both are appropriate for daytime. Colors are turquoise, red, brown, blue, copper, emerald, purple, and (of course) black, all with the sheen of changeable silk.

Next, I'm wearing Wunderlich's 1879 Wrapper Dress. Found in the bargain corner of her main store and priced at a sweet L$100, this was one of my first ever SL clothing purchases. There are two skirt options, one with buttons, one without. The dress comes in soft gray, green, purple, bright red, and a mustardy brown, all with the same beautifully detailed embroidery. Miss Wunderlich even includes a photoframe with a photograph of the original dress on the Victorian lady who first wore it as documentation. It's one of my favorite early spring knocking-about dresses.

Finally, I'm in Wunderlich's embroidered bustle polonaise walking dress in yellow. Also found in the bargain corner for L$100, this charming dress was inspired by a costume in the film "The Prestige" and is "mostly historically accurate." The outfit is terrifically simple, but with wonderful textured detailing of embroidery, stripes, and the polonaise skirt. Additional colors are peach, pink, lavender, gray, green, and black and white.

Hair is from Truth, Skin from Beleza, shoes from L&E.
Look for more day dresses next week!