As a kid, whenever I got really bored (this was before the internet, mind you), I'd play dress up. Dig into my closet, my mom's closet, the dress-up box, and put things together in ways that they were never meant to go.

Sometimes the results would be excellent, like my mom's Irish fisherman's sweater over my red dotted-swiss ballet dress, worn with a vintage locket and birkenstocks. I was eight. It broke "the rules".

 If I could, I'd wear that same outfit today, because it was quirky and fun back then, and I could use more of that in my daily life.

I'm feeling the urge to play dress up again. Break some rules. Have some fun.

Skin: Beleza
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Glasses: Solar Eyewear
Jacket: House of Nyla
Shirt: Bare Rose (Tartan swim suit!)
Pants: Oyakin
Shoes: G. Field

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